Last night (April 28th) a TWRA officer brought two more orphaned cubs to Appalachian Bear Rescue.  They are a brother and sister and were found in the Johnson City area of TN.  Both cubs, who are about 3 months old, just like Sugar Bear and Sweet Pea, weighed just under 8 pounds, a normal weight for their age.  The little female has a small wound on her hip, so Curator Coy took her to the UT Vet School for a checkup.  She was given antibiotics, and Coy received more antibiotic medicine to add to her food.  He was able to get a few photos so we could see the new arrivals.

These two cubs are #199 and #200!

Meet Cub #199 – Bucky Bear:  Curator Coy reports that this little bear is wild, as we would expect, since he was so recently orphaned.  The longer that a cub spends with his mother, the wilder is the behavior.

Bucky Bear

Bucky Bear is staying away from the curator.

Bucky Bear

Bucky is in the Cub Nursery

Because of her wound, Bucky’s sister is nearby but in another pen so that she can be sure to get the medicine she needs.  She is ABR Cub #200 and is being called Cee Cee (CC is 200 in Roman Numerals).

Cub # 200

Cub #200 – Cee Cee Bear.

Cee Cee Bear

Cee Cee rests in her pen.

The next photo shows Cee Cee being checked and treated at the UT Vet School.  She looks very small on the exam table.

Cee Cee at the Vet School.

Cee Cee at the Vet School.

Our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Ramsey of the University of Tennessee, treated little Cee Cee and told Coy that she should be fine after the antibiotics to heal her wound.  ABR is very grateful to the University and Dr. Ramsey.  They have helped us many times over the years.

Both of these new arrivals will spend a minimum of time in the Cub Nursery.  They will be introduced to Sugar Bear and Sweet Pea as soon as possible, so that they can continue their development as wild cubs.