Curator Coy set up a trail cam the other day, to see if he could observe the cubs during an evening through to the next morning.  The camera captured some great images, and gives us an idea of what Sweet Pea Bear and Sugar Bear do when no one is looking.  In some of the photos it is a little hard to see the cubs, due to the walls of the Acclimation pen, but it’s very interesting to see the cubs at night, as well as dusk and dawn.

6:00 pm

6:00 pm

cubs eating

Both cubs are snacking.

We can see that they are not the neatest when it comes to eating!

Cubs eating

Cubs are eating as dusk falls.

more eating

More snacking.

Both cubs out.

Both cubs are out and about.

Note that they have pulled a bed out of the den.

Eating again.

More snacking.

Cubs in the dark

Darkness falls. Bears are often active during the night.

Eating again.

Having more to eat.

Cubs go to bed at daylight.

It’s starting to get light. Time for cubs to go to bed.