The crate was left in the Acclimation Pen for a day or two, to provide security if the cubs needed something familiar.  But it didn’t take them any time at all to decide that they liked the cozy culvert den that had been constructed within the Acclimation Pen.  In the first picture, Sugar Bear is sitting in the middle of the den.

Sugar Bear in new den

Sugar Bear in the new den.

The next photo is another peek into the den.  The cubs have been moving things around, “redecorating,” we might say.  It looks like we can see a little bit of a cub there in the middle.

The den.

The den in the Acclimation Pen.

Sweet Pea stayed hidden.  We can just see a little bit of her on the right side of the den.

A little glimpse of Sweet Pea Bear o

That’s Sweet Pea Bear, on the right.

It is harder for the curators to get photos now, since the cubs are within the blind-covered Acclimation Pen, but there are some peepholes that curators will use to view and photograph the two little bears.