The other day we showed Sugar chewing on a cord and mentioned that she is teething, just like a baby.  The other day, when Curator Rick reached into the pen to feed her (at this stage, the curator must be this close, in order to give the cub her bottle) she bit his gloved finger.

Sugar bites glove

Sugar “bites the hand that feeds her.”

She doesn’t let go right away, so Rick was held captive, not wanting to lift her in the air while attached to his glove.

Holding onto the glove

She holds onto the glove.

In a few moments, however, sleep overcame her, and she let go as she dozed off.  Then he was released from her grasp.

Nap time.

Nap time.

Here is a photo of the pen that Sugar Bear is living in for a short time, while she is in the Cub Nursery.  The pen was constructed for us last year, thanks to donations from many friends.  The photo was taken outside the facility where it was fabricated.  It is a 2-part pen.  Sugar is in one side, and when the curator needs to clean her space, she can move into the other side, through a sliding partition.  Thus, she does not have to be physically lifted from one space to the other.

Sugar Bear's pen

The pen in the Cub Nursery