Cub #197, Sugar Bear, is learning new things.  This photo, taken by Curator Coy, show her actually lapping from a bowl!  That is what our curators are working toward – the time when she can lap her formula instead of taking it from a bottle.  She has not yet lapped the formula, preferring to stick with the bottle, but the fact that she lapped Pedialyte shows that she can learn to lap the formula also.  Pedialyte is given to cubs to keep them hydrated.

Sugar laps from bowl.

Sugar Bear laps her Pedialyte.

In the next photo, Sugar Bear stands up and seems to be interested in the lock on her cage.  Cubs are naturally very curious, so this shows that she is feeling better and is able to show interest in things around her.

Sugar stands

Sugar checks out the lock.

There was a cord in the cage, and she became interested in that, too.  Here she chews on it – using it as a teething toy.  Like a baby, a cub has to chew to cut its teeth.

Sugar chews on cord

Sugar finds a “chew toy.”

The last photo shows Sugar Bear looking out of her cage.

Sugar Bear in corner of cage.

What is cuter than a bear cub? Nothing!