BIG NEWS!  ABR has received our first orphaned bear cub of 2014.  During the past 3 months, while there were no cubs “in residence,” volunteers accomplished a lot – the facility is in tip-top shape, ready for cubs that come our way this year.  On April 4th, cub #197 arrived.  The officer who rescued the cub described it to Curator Coy as “about the size of a bag of sugar.”  Guess what her name is? – Sugar Bear!  Here are the very first photos of this new little cub, who did, indeed weigh about the same as a 5-pound bag of sugar (She tipped the scale that Coy is holding at 5.69 pounds).

Coy weighing cub

Coy weighs Sugar Bear

cub in pen

Newly arrived. April 4, 2014.

Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear after first night at ABR.

The little cub is in the pen inside the Cub Nursery.

Like babies, little cubs nap oftern.

Like babies, little cubs nap often.

A cozy bed for a tiny cub,

A cozy bed for a tiny cub,