Poppy Bear, our last ABR cub of 2013, was worked up for release recently.  Before we show you the photos of her workup, we’ll post a couple of recent images of our last cub.

Poppy Bear in Wild Enclosure, November.

Poppy Bear in Wild Enclosure, November.

Poppy Bear

Poppy Bear “glamour shot” by ABR photographer.

The next photos were taken on the day she was worked up to leave ABR behind and return home.


Preparing to sedate the cub.

Poppy, sedated.

Poppy is sedated.

Curator checks Poppy

Curator Coy checks sedated Poppy.

Poppy on stretcher

Poppy on stretcher.

Poppy weighs 84 pounds

Poppy weighs 84 pounds!

Curator pputs ointment on ears.

Curator Coy puts ointment on her ears.

Poppy's eyes are covered.  Sedated cubs don't blink,

Poppy’s eyes are covered. Sedated cubs don’t blink,


measuring Poppy

He takes measurements.

Back foot.

Back paw.

Paw with claws

Front paw with claws.


Paperwork for the transfer.

Poppy in transfer pen

Her transfer pen is lined with leaves.  She is still asleep.

And off they went.  Goodbye, Poppy Bear!  Good luck in your new life!

(In the background of a couple of these photos, you can see the float that volunteers were decorating for the Gatlinburg and Townsend Christmas parades.  We’ll post pictures of the completed float soon.)