After the release of Blossom Bear and Buttercup Bear, ABR was left with only one cub, Poppy Bear, in residence.  Some of our friends have asked why she wasn’t released along with the other “Flower Girls.”  The answer is that Poppy came from a different area, and therefore had to be released near that place.  So she had to spend a few days as the only cub at ABR.  She had wandered into the acclimation pen when Curator Coy was trying to lure Blossom and Buttercup inside.  It was decided that it was better for her to stay there for a few days, rather than being released back into the wild enclosure and then having to be recaptured.  Here are a few pictures that show Poppy Bear in the acclimation pen, enjoying the bounty of peanuts and acorns that were provided.

Poppy Bear

Poppy Bear up on the platform

Poppy eating nuts

Poppy likes the nuts!

Poppy eats

Yum yum!

Poppy eating nuts.

Nuts are what make cubs chubby.

You probably noticed that Poppy Bear has rather unusual coloring.  She has rubbed some of her fur off as she scratched herself on trees in the wild enclosure, and this gives her a somewhat patched appearance.  She will grow the fur back and should have a beautiful coat by springtime.