On December 3rd, two of our “Flower Girls,” Blossom Bear and Buttercup Bear were given their second chance at a wild life, when they were released into the forest.  The procedures and results were well documented in these photos, taken on the day of their release.

Blossom and Buttercup

Last photo of the cubs while at ABR

If you remember how small they were when they arrived in August, it’s good to see them as chubby cubbies now!

Buttercup on guerney

Buttercup gets a ride to staging area.

Buttercup on scale

Her weight is 73 pounds!

Buttercup into transfer pen

Buttercup goes into transfer pen.

Buttercup's nose

Her nose pokes out a hole.

Curator Coy and Officer Jay with Blossom

Curator Coy and Officer Jay with Blossom Bear.

Blossom on guerney

Blossom gets a ride, too.

Blossom's feet

Blossom’s feet.

Curator Janet and Jay

Curator Janet with Officer Jay


Paperwork for transfer.

Door to pen opens

At release site – door is opened.

Cub climbs tree

Out and up!

Cub on tree

Another cub – another tree.

Cub climbs higher.

Climbing higher.

Two cubs high in trees.

Two cubs in the wild – good luck, cubs!