Our curator was successful the other day in getting photos of all 3 of the “Flower Girls.”  As you may recall, it is hard to get images of shy Blossom Bear, but here she is.

Blossom Bear

Here is Blossom Bear!

profile of Blossom

A great profile shot of Blossom Bear.

Buttercup Bear

Buttercup Bear.

Buttercup eats from her paw.

Buttercup uses her paw as a plate.

Blossom, Poppy, Buttercup.

Blossom, Poppy, and Buttercup Bear.

Even though they have never been taught, their instincts are telling them it is time to find a den.  Although their are culvert dens in the Wild Enclosure, Poppy Bear chooses to den under the Acclimation Pen.

Poppy chooses a den site.

Poppy choosing a den site.

Blossom and Buttercup must have approved her selection, because they joined her there.

Yhe den site.

We can’t see them too well, but they are there.