It is always a bittersweet time when one of our cubs reaches the point where it can be released back into the wild.  After all, that is the purpose of our rehab program, and is the goal for each cub that arrives.  And yet, for us humans, it is not without some sadness that we see them go back where they belong.  We cherish the time that we have had with them.  Boston Bear has been with us since April, and has endeared himself to many by his actions and antics.  If you want to remind yourself of how he looked when he arrived, click herefor that post.  Then look at these photos, taken just a couple of days ago when he was prepared for release and then ran into the woods.

Boston in cage

Boston Bear in Nursery cage

First, he had to be confined in the cage in the Cub Nursery  before the Wildlife Officer came for him.

Boston eating

Treats for Boston!

Curator Coy gave Boston special nut treats and water to drink

Boston stands in cage.

Boston looks big, standing in the cage.

Curator Coy starts to move him into the transport cage.

Curator Coy starts to move him into the transport cage.

Loading Boston onto truck.

Loading Boston onto the truck.

Coy and officer fill out papers.

Paperwork to be filled out.

truck driving away.

Goodbye and good luck, Boston!

The last two photos were taken by the officer at the release site.

Boston running into woods.

Boston runs into the woods.

Boston in the woods.

Boston Bear in his new home.