Before we go any further, we have to announce the exciting news that ABR is a winner in Toyota’s100 Cars for Good Contest!  Yesterday we received more votes than the other 4 nonprofits on the 100 Cars for Good site, and we will receive a Toyota Tundra truck!  We are thrilled beyond belief, as the old ABR truck is not only much smaller, but is literally on its last legs (if trucks have legs).   If you follow us on our Facebook page as well as the blog, you have heard about the contest and probably voted.  If so, thank you!

Now, regarding the foraging.  In the fall, bears everywhere are eating almost nonstop as they prepare for going without food (or water, or urinating or defecating) for several months.  Even though here in the south they don’t sleep as long as bears in the far north, the eating urge is very strong, and this is true of the cubs, as well.  Curator Coy was able to capture some photos of foraging cubs in the Wild Enclosure, by peeping through the viewing hole and using a zoom lens.  It looks as though he was about a foot away from them, but that’s not true.  It’s the zoom lens that makes these “up close” shots possible.

2 cubs forage

Three cubs foraging

Closeup of cub eating

Closeup of foraging cub.

Bostpn Bear with acorn

Boston Bear with acorn.