Blossom and Buttercup, the little sisters who came to ABR a month ago (August 22nd) have taken another big step in their journey back to the wild.  Late on Friday they were released from the acclimation pen into the second Wild Enclosure.  This is their last stop at ABR.  They are not in the same Wild Enclosure as the other 6 cubs, the SC siblings and the TN trio.  Because they are still much smaller, they were released into the other natural area at ABR.  The first couple of photos show what happened when the gate to the outside was lifted.

door is raised

The door is up!

cub checks out open door

One cub checks out the opening.

Blossom out, Buttercup following

Blossom is out and Buttercup follows.

cubs going out

Freedom!  Goodbye, pen!

If you recall, these cubs had spent a longer time being trained by their mother than our other orphans.  So, as might be expected, it took them a very short time to venture outside and then to scurry up the tallest tree they could find.  The next photos show them up at the top of that tree.  Curator Janet reported that they remained in the tree for a long time.  They wouldn’t leave their safe haven until hunger caused them to come down.

Cubs high in tree

Can you see them up there?

Camera zooms in on them

Thanks to a zoom lens, there they are!

A closer look.

An even closer look at one of the cubs.