6 cubs in tree

6 cubs in 1 tree!

It wasn’t long ago that the SC cubs and the TN cubs stayed away from each other.  Each group of 3 cubs would perch in a separate tree.  So imagine Curator Coy’s surprise when he saw all 6 of the cubs stacked up in 1 tree!  He was fortunate to get these pictures.

Another view of tree

Another view of the tree of cubs (cub totem pole!)

He zoomed in on various cubs as they rested in the tree, and here are the results of the zoom lens.


Carrie sits on a branch.

Carrie Bear on her branch of the tree.

Annie and Jerry.

Annie Bear,  Jerry Bear and friend.

Annie and Jerry.

Annie and Jerry Bear, tongues out.

Bennie and Boston.

Bennie Bear and Oscar Bear hanging out together.

It is good to see our cubs interacting.  Although wild bears are mostly solitary animals, cubs usually have siblings, so they are more apt to interact with other cubs.  When they are released, the chances are that they will go their separate ways.