Bears don’t much care for hot weather.  Who can blame them, with their fur coats?  The ABR cubs in the Wild Enclosure are spending a lot of time resting in the trees, just as they would be doing if they were out in the wild.  Wild bears forage mainly in early morning and late evening, when the weather is the coolest.  They rest and remain in the forest during the heat of the day.  Here we see cubs in the Wild Enclosure, resting and sleeping in the trees.  To us, the positions they assume look very uncomfortable, but tree branches are very comfortable resting places for bear cubs.

Annie sleeps

Annie Bear takes a nap.

Annie sleeping

Annie sleeps soundly.

Annie sleeping

Does this look comfortable?

Oscar in tree

Oscar Bear gets settled.

Oscar sleeps

Time for some zzzz’s.

Oscar asleep.

Oscar is sound asleep.