Our cub population has grown with the addition of two underweight and malnourished female cubs.   ABR #194 and #195, or Blossom and Buttercup Bear as they are being called for the benefit of supporters who can more easily remember a name than a number, are about 7 months old, just like our other cubs.   However, as you can see from the photos taken by Curator Coy just shortly after they arrived, these 2 little female cubs are much smaller.  Their size tells us that they have been separated from their mother for a while, and have had trouble finding enough food.  Blossom weighed in at just 11 pounds, and her sister Buttercup weighed 11.5 pounds when they arrived.  To put this into perspective, consider that the South Carolina cubs weigh upwards of 40 pounds each, and Annie, the smallest Tennessee cub until now, weighs about 30 pounds.  For the time being, the two little girls are in the acclimation pen, so the curators can monitor them closely to make sure that they are adjusting and eating.


2 new cubs

Blossom and Buttercup Bear

2 cubs

The 2 cubs are small.

cubs look around

They are curious about the new surroundings.

2 cubs in pen

Checking things out.

curious cubs

Curious cubs.

2 cubs in pen

Lots of things to look at.

Curator Coy started them out on Pedialyte and chopped up soft fruits, like nectarines and blueberries.  They aren’t ready for whole apples and harder foods yet.  We are sure that they will progress well, as they settle in and find out that they are safe.  Rest, food, and hydration will work wonders on these two tiny orphans.