Bears are excellent swimmers.  In the wild, bears use water for drinking, to cool off on a hot day and get rid of annoying insects, or to swim from one place to another.  Bears have been known to swim across the Mississippi River and other large bodies of water, with ease.  The ABR cubs are no exception, as these photos show.

Bennie drinks from pool

Boston Bear takes a drink.

Cub forages

He finds a snack.

Bennie in pool with apple.

Bennie Bear with floating apple.

cub swimming.

Swimming is fun for a cub!

Bennie starts to get out.

Time to get out of the pool.

Bennie rolls on ground

A post-swim roll on the ground.

We can assume that after rolling around on the ground, Bennie Bear had to get back in the water for another swim!  These activities are preparing the cubs for their ultimate release into the wild.