You’ll recall that a few weeks ago, the TN threesome, Oscar, Annie, and Boston, were released into the second Wild Enclosure.  Because they had spent more time with their mothers, they knew just what to do when they went out into the enclosure with all of its trees and shrubbery.  Of course, this has made it harder to capture images of the three cubs, but our patient curators managed to capture a couple of photos of Oscar “being a bear,” that is, spending time in the trees.  Annie and Oscar have been “instructing” Boston, who was separated from his mother at a younger age, in the fine art of hanging out in trees.  All three of our TN cubs spend most of the time above, coming down to eat, after the curators have left the area.  This is excellent wild behavior, and makes them good candidates for release into the wild when they reach the proper weights.

Oscar in tree.

Oscar hides.

Cub lying on tree limb

A typical “relaxed cub” pose.

In addition to spending time in the trees, our TN cubs have been foraging for their own food, in addition to the food that the curators throw over the fence to them.  This stump has been shredded by cubs looking for insects and grubs.  More good wild behavior!  Way to go, TN cubs!

Stump, shredded by cubs.

This stump no doubt held tasty insects.