The SC cubs, like all youngsters of any species, argue over the possession of desirable items.  In this case, two of the three SC cubs were disputing the ownership of a sapling in their enclosure.  As the following photos show, they settled the dispute with some fisticuffs and a bit of biting.

Two cubs start to fight

The argument begins.

Cubs face off.

Each cub claims ownership.

One cub bites the other.

A bite for emphasis.

One cub leaves.

One cub wins and the other moves away.

The winning cub.

It’s mine!

Disputes such as this are common among wild sibling cubs as well as our ABR cubs.  Through fighting and wrestling, yes, even biting, they learn how to deal with other bears.  They are gaining strength and cunning as they challenge each other and themselves.  They learn when to retreat and when to persist, and how to handle situations that may very likely occur in the wild.