It was a very big day for our TN cubs, Boston, Oscar, and Annie.  Curator Coy did some last-minute checking on the second Wild Enclosure, and then opened the door in the acclimation pen, to allow the three cubs to venture out into the natural habitat.  This is their last stop at ABR before they will be released back into the wild.

Because each of these little cubs spent more time with their mothers than did our SC cubs, they were not as hesitant to go out into the wooded area.  This videoshows their reaction and how their introduction to the Wild Enclosure went.  Up the trees they went, just as they had no doubt learned to do when with their mothers.  You may wonder why they are not in the same Wild Enclosure as the three SC cubs.  The reason is that the curators were afraid that if all 6 cubs were together it would be too hard to distinguish them when the time comes for them to be released.  You are sure to enjoy this video!