Our SC cubs (Bennie, Jerry, and Carrie) are thriving in the Wild Enclosure.  They are foraging for the foods that our curators throw over the fence for them, and are eating with enthusiasm.  Foraging is a very important skill that they will need when they are released back into their natural habitat in South Carolina.  We had a very successful event last weekend at the Village Market IGA in Townsend.  The store takes money donations and issues gift cards to ABR that the curators can use to purchase foods that help to make the cubbies chubby.  As a matter of fact, these three cubs are estimated to weigh about 35 pounds each!  Quite a change from the not-quite-3-pound weights when they arrived!

SC cub foraging

A SC cub foraging

Sometimes they investigate food sources that just happen to be in their enclosure, as in the next photo.  They are really learning how to find food!

cub checks out stump

Finding insects in a stump.

If you would like to help ABR by purchasing a gift card to the Village Market IGA in Townsend, you can do so online.  Go to their webpage Scroll down to the middle of the page, and you will find information about their gift card program for Appalachian Bear Rescue.  Thank you for helping us “Make the cubbies chubby!  Thank you for your support!