Boston was alone for quite a while, although he enjoyed playing with his stuffed bear friends, Panda and Charley.  Annie Bear was being “bullied” (sorry for the anthropomorphizing) by her brother Oscar, and had to be separated from him.  Now, it seems that both Boston and Annie are happy with their new situation.  Boston, though larger than Annie, does not threaten her or act aggressively toward her.  In fact, he has been observed offering her a treat – eggshells, which are given to the cubs for all-important calcium.  These photos show Boston and Annie getting along very well, and enjoying their calcium-rich eggshells.

Annie and Boston eating

Annie and Boston have a snack


Annie and Boston eat

They are calmly eating


Annie eats eggshell

Annie munches an eggshell


Boston with eggshell

Boston likes eggshell. too