No doubt  you’ve heard the phrase, “Hungry as a Bear.”  Well, from where we view things, it could be “Hungry as a Bear Cub!”  Our three bears, Bennie, Jerry, and Carrie, and our 4th cub, Boston, are definitely hungry as bears.  And well they should be, as the nutritious food will make them grow big and strong so they can be given their second chance at a wild life.  Here are some pictures the curators have taken recently, to show the cubs eating.  They are only fed twice a day now, in order to minimize the contact with humans (curators) but they do get large amounts at each feeding.  The curators are trying different foods, to prepare them for the various types of food they will find in the wild.  Curator Coy even found some insects and grubs that he gave to Boston Bear the other day.  True to his nature, Boston gobbled them up.  We might be inclined to say “Yuck!” but to a bear, insects represent the major amount of meat protein in their diet.


2 cubs eating

Two of the Three Bears eating


Bobbing for apple

Bobbing for an apple


In this photo of Boston Bear eating his breakfast, or morning meal, you can see the variety of foods that are available.  In addition, the curators have been giving greens to the cubs (greens are rich in calcium and other nutrients) and branches with leaves on them.


Boston eats

Boston eats breakfast