We’ve focused on Boston Bear in the last couple of posts, with his move from the Cub Nursery into an outdoor pen.  Meanwhile, the cubs in our threesome are doing well, growing, and developing in their acclimation pen within the outdoor, wild enclosure.  Here are recent photos of them, doing what bear cubs do – playing, wrestling, and investigating new things.  As you can see, they are really getting to be big little bears – the curators estimate that they are 15+ pounds each now.

2 cubs wrestling

Wrestling in the formula bowl

Cub reaching through cage

Cubs are curious!

Reaches an object outside the pen

Cubs are persistent

Cub retrieving object


It is rather amazing that bears are so dexterous, even though we might expect them to be clumsy with those large paws.  Adult bears, too, are able to use their paws to pick up things.