cub with ring

Chewing on the swinging ring.

Since our three little cubs were moved outdoors into the larger pen, they have been growinbg and developing at a great rate! Curator Coy took these photos that show how the cubs play in their larger quarters. The next photo in particular shows all the “enrichment” items that are in the pen for them to use, explore, and learn from.   There is a pool, a tub, the familiar carrier in which they used to spend their time (and sometimes still do), a “tree” to climb, and a culvert den (not in picture).  Cubby fun, for sure!

cubs in large pen

View of pen

The next photo shows how much stronger the cubs have become – a few weeks ago they couldn’t even stand up, as their legs were not strong enough.  Not so any more!  Bear cubs grow fast!


cub walking

Closeup of a cub