When Carrie Bear arrived at ABR last evening, Curator Coy was ready!  He, along with Curator Rick and a volunteer had worked during the day to prepare the Cub Nursery for her arrival. Here is a photo of Coy with Carrie, right after she reached ABR

Curator Coy with Carrie Bear

Carrie Bear is ready to join her brothers

We all wondered how Bennie and Jerry Bear would react to her, and she to them.  After all, they hadn’t seen each other for almost a month.  We didn’t have to worry.  Within a very short time, all of our Three Little Bears were playing together, and shortly after their play session they fell asleep in a cubby pile.  Carrie Bear held her own very well with the boys.   She outweighs them by a pound, because while she was cared for at Charles Towne Landing, they fed her a richer formula in order to overcome her initially fragile state.  We are most grateful to the caretakers at Charles Towne Landing for giving her such  good care.  We are also grateful to the South Carolina DNR for allowing her to join her brothers at ABR.

3 cubs playing

Playtime for cubs