Curator Coy weighed the 2 cubs today, and reports that they weigh 5 pounds each! He says it’s hard to get an accurate weight because they are so squirmy, but they definitely weigh 5 pounds! This means they have doubled their weight since they arrived on March 1st. Little bears do grow rapidly! They are now in the larger carrier that was puchased by the Facebook friends of ABR. They had simply outgrown the smaller carrier. Here are a couple of photos that Coy took after their move.


Bennie and Jerry

More room to stretch out

In this photo, you can see a closeup of the ear of one of the cubs (not sure which).  It is not at all unusual for a black bear cub to have brown spots on their ears when they are young.  By the time they are several months old, the brown usually disappears, leaving the black ears that we are accustomed to seeing.  Just as the eyes of cubs are blue until they turn brown after a few months, the ears are brown for a period of time.

Cub's ear

Close-up of a cub’s ear