We apologize for not posting recently.  We have been very busy, with personal as well as ABR activities.  Hopefully, we’ll do better from now on.

We have several photos of Colton Bear to share with you.  These were taken on January 9th, the day before he was released.  Curator Coy lured Colton out of the Wild Side enclosure, where he had been enjoying his life as a (almost) “wild bear,” into the acclimation pen so that the wildlife officers could tranquilize him and work him up for release.   In this photo, he is looking out at the Wild Side, where he had been living as a wild bear.  We don’t know what he was thinking, of course, but we imagine he is longing for his former life.


The next photos show how Colton paced within the much smaller pen.  It’s obvious that he was not a happy bear.

_EKR1133_100dpi _EKR1145_100dpi _EKR1165_100dpi


Not a happy bear, but as this image shows, he was still a handsome bear!  Tomorrow would be his big day!