Usually, an ABR bear is not worked up (weighed, tagged, tattooed, etc) until time for its release back into the wild.  However, it was decided that Colton should have a visit from the UT vet, to give him a health checkup.  Since this would require him to be tranquilized, TWRA took advantage of his sedation to give him the eartags and lip tattoo that will be needed at release time, thus saving him from an additional sedation.  Here are some photos of the procedure.

Here is the UT Vet School crew, led by Dr. Marcy Souza, whom you may remember as Little Bit Bear’s veterinarian.

In the next photo, Dr, Souza and her intern check Colton Bear after he has been tranquilized, and before he is moved to the workup area.

Colton is carried on the stretcher to the workup area.

Here is a closeup of the sleeping Colton Bear with his new eartag.