Our goal, in rehabilitating cubs at ABR, is to assure that they become wild before they are released.  You may recall that when Colton Bear arrived a couple of months ago, he had been hanging around a hotel in Gatlinburg and was much too comfortable around humans.  At first, he came to greet the curators when they took food to him in the acclimation pen.  Gradually, since his release into the large Wild Side enclosure, Colton has become much less comfortable when he senses the curators nearby.  Since he doesn’t see them when they deliver his food by throwing it up and over the fencing, he doesn’t associate his food with humans.  In fact, when our photographer stopped by to take some photos a day or two ago, she waited an hour before getting this very fleeting glimpse of our little wild bear.  Maybe we shoould have named him Houdini!