We’ve seen that many of our followers are enjoying the photos of Colton Bear, so here is another of him and another of Curator Coy delivering the food he needs.  Colton is an avid consumer!  He is foraging for his food and enjoying his apples (as much as 16 pounds at a time!) and his gallon-sized blackberry popsicles.  In case you are wondering why he is eating so much when he appears to be healthy and of a good weight, it is because this time of year bears are in a feeding frenzy, a state called hyperphagia.  All bears increase their food intake in the late summer/early fall, in order to bulk up for their winter sleep.  When the acorns and hickory nuts are ready, nuts (hard mast) will make up a great part of their diet.  Nuts have protein and fat, and are essential in the final preparation for hibernation.

Coy throws food over the blind-covered fencing, out of Colton’s sight.

Colton is alert, ready to forage for his food.