This will be a big day for Colton, as he will have the opportunity to leave the Palace and venture into the Wild Side enclosure.  Our curators will  raise the door remotely, and Colton will be able to go out into the natural area, with large trees to climb, water in a pond, and lots of natural foliage.  From now on, he will not have his food “served” as it has been.  Food will be thrown over the blind-covered fences, so Colton will have to forage, just like a wild bear.  The surroundings will help him to become accustomed to what awaits him in the forest when he is released.  From today on, barring anything unforseen, he will not see a human, and we are excited to see his reaction to being in a natural habitat.  As soon as our ABR photographer has a chance to take some photos of him (this will have to be done very carefully, shooting over the top of the fencing) we will share them with you.  Meanwhile, here is one more photo of Colton in the Palace.