If you have been following ABR for a while, you have seen the “cribs,” or smaller enclosures, where young bears spend their days prior to release.  Now that there are no bears in the cribs, volunteers have been hard at work refurbishing them and making them habitable again.  They had been occupied nonstop for 2 years, and there was a lot of work to do.  Here are a couple of photos of volunteers at work on a recent workday.

First, the entire crib had to be jacked up.  What a job!  It is very heavy!

After several more steps in the process, railroad ties were put in place to keep the crib elevated and allow for easier cleanup.

Do you remember when the crib housed young bears?  Just for a reminder, here is a photo taken before the release of the most recent occupants.

Of course you recall Rose and Loretta, who were released on June 22nd.  Now their crib is being readied for new bears.  ABR will be ready, whenever
 there is a needy bear to care for.