Sorry it’s been such a long time since we posted, but we’ve been busy, preparing articles for the newsletter that will come out very soon.  We’ve also started to work on the 2012 Bear Necessities Bear-ly Edibles and Auction event that is coming up in just 2 months.  Lots to do!  Meanwhile, work has been continuing at the ABR facility, and we have some more photos to show you today.

This is another overview of the facility, from a different angle than the last one we posted.

On the left in the photo above you can see a small, block building that has been the storage place for several rather ancient refrigerator-freezers.  Volunteers have cleaned out the building and the fridges, to allow for food storage when needed.  Here is a shot of the building.

Here is Dana Dodd, ABR Board President, showing off the cleaned out freezer in one of the fridges.  There used to be 7 of these in the building.  Now, after the cleaning project, we have kept 4 of those that were the best.  The others have been taken away.

The last picture shows our brand-new freezer, which will be installed in the Cubby Nursery, and will store supplies of berries and other necessary items for cub care, that can be kept frozen until needed.  This will help immeasurably when there are several cubs onsite to be fed.