A few days ago we announced that ABR is presenting the Bear Necessities Event on Friday, September 21st this year.  The event has a new name!  We have decided that instead of the dinner we will offer “heavy hors d’oeuvres” (you may actually eat more than you would at a traditional dinner) and drinks.  With this type of menu, people will be able to browse the auction items as they nibble and sip.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  There will be plenty of places to sit, if you wish, but with this plan we  feel that it will be more relaxed and less crowded than tables for dinner.  The new name for the event is 2012 BEAR NECESSITIES BEAR-LY EDIBLES AND AUCTION!  Isn’t that attention-grabbing?  The new announcement of the event is on our webpage.  Click HERE to see it.

Music will be provided by Boogertown Gap, an outstanding string band that plays “soulful but pleasurable sounds and rhythms of Old Time Appalachian Music, aka Mountain Music.”  The group is popular throughout the mountains and beyond, and their music will enhance the enjoyment of guests as they consider the auction items, munch on goodies, and mingle with other bear aficionados.   We know they will add greatly to our event, and we are excited that they have agreed to be a part of the evening.