Yes, it’s true – Little Bit was the last bear (for now) and with her release, ABR is now able to work on the facility, including getting the bear enclosures in shape for the next arrivals, which are certain to come.  We don’t know how much time we have, so work is proceeding at a rapid pace.  New water lines are being installed, electric fencing is being updated, black panels on the fencing of the second pen are being installed so that bears cannot see any human activity on the outside.  After 4+ years of constant bear activity in the pens and cribs, much clearing and cleaning had to be done.  A safety issue has been addressed by the building of a walkway a crib within one Wild Side enclosure and another walkway will be constructed to the crib in the other Wild Side.  These walkways will allow the curator to access the crib without coming in contact with bears in the Wild Side.  Here is a photo of the construction of the first walkway.

The ABR Facebook page has several more photos of the work at the facility.  Check it out here.