Little Bit was admitted to ABR by wildlife officers from The Great Smoky Mountains National Park on May 17 with a serious wound on her snout.  You can read about her arrival here.  For six weeks she has been cared for at ABR by Curator Rick, with advice and “home visits” by UT Veterinarian, Marcy J. Souza, DVM MPH.  Little Bit has grown from a 13-pounder to the “Chubby Cubby” that she is in these photos, taken on her last evening at ABR.  She has eaten the fruits, berries, and other natural foods eagerly, and when she is weighed at her workup, we are sure she will be judged ready for release back into the wild.  She has certainly retained her feisty, wild nature!  This will serve her well as she readjusts to her wild home.  Enjoy these photos, taken by Rick on June 27th.