Little Bit has settled into her new, much larger pen and roomier culvert-den.  We can’t be sure, of course, but we assume that she is enjoying the fresh air in her outdoor location.   She is probably aware that there are other bears in the area (Rose and Loretta are in another pen, out of sight, but certainly not out of smelling and hearing range).  Curator Rick was concerned about her scab, and you will notice in the first photo below she has lost a little piece of the scab from her wound.  However, her doctor (UT vet Marcy J. Souza, DVM, MPH) states that she examined the enlargements of the photos and feels that the scab piece that came off did so because it was time.  Additionally, she asked to be notified when the rest of the scab came off, and remarked  that  Little Bit is looking great!

Don’t know about you, but we think this next photo of Little Bit is very cute!  It really shows how well she has healed in just one month!