The two “sisters,” Loretta and Rose, who arrived at ABR on May 3rd, have been eating well and are growing fast.  They will definitely be ready for release as soon as wildlife officers in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park are ready.  All 3 of the yearlings currently at ABR were brought from the national park, which means that they will return there when they are released.  Here are two recent photos of the girls.  Rose is seen on top of the culvert den, and Loretta is shown balanced on the limb of the “tree” in their pen.

You may recall that when these two yearlings arrived at ABR they were very active and fiesty.  They have calmed considerably, as they became accustomed to their surroundings.  When Little Bit was moved into her outdoor pen, although she is not within their range of sight, they are aware of her nearness (remember the incredible sense of smell that bears possess) and they showed some agitation.  Loretta, in this photo, is behaving just as a yearling in the wild behaves when something strange is detected in the environment.  She has retreated up the tree where she feels safe.