It is almost unbelievable, how good Little Bit looks these days, after not quite a month of TLC under the care of Curator Rick.  Here is a photo taken on May 17th, the day she was admitted.  Her snout wound is deep and wide, and looks very sore.  It appeared to be from an animal bite (probably a coyote) as she was a very small yearling, weighing only 13 pounds when she arrived at ABR.

Here is how Little Bit looks today.  See how the nose wound has diminished and no longer looks raw and sore.  This is a very interesting fact about bears as a species.  They have amazing recuperative powers, and their wounds heal very well.  Of course, our Little Bit did have some help from the UT vet as well as ABR and Curator Rick, in the form of antibiotics and the isolation period in the Cubby Nursery.