Moving Forward! Update on ABR’s Capital Cub Nursery Campaign! Thanks to your generosity, the Cub Nursery (part 1 of the campaign) was completed just in time to help Little Bit! She is the first resident!

Construction of the Refrigerated Storage Unit (re-named “The Cubby Cooler”) is well underway. The concrete floor still needs to be poured, and drainage installed, so the Cooler can be cleaned easily. The actual refrigeration components are on order. When complete, the Cubby Cooler will allow us (finally!) to buy fresh food for our cubs in bulk, and store it on the premises. ABR is happy to announce that as of last week (May 25) ABR friends had contributed $9,536.77 towards the $15,000 dollar cost of the Cooler! That leaves just $5,463.23 to go!  When finished, the Cubby Cooler will enable us to purchase fresh produce and perishable items like yogurt, in bulk and/or when on sale.  This will save us on our “bear-sized” grocery bills, and will make it possible to have these foods stored onsite, instead of running out to purchase them every day or two.  The photo shows how the building looked a few weeks ago – since this was taken, several improvements have been made already, with more in the works.  If you would like to help us to finance this BIG project, you can donate an mount here.  Your gift, no matter how small or how large, will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!