A video of our newest, injured yearling cub, Little Bit, is now on YouTube.  This footage was filmed several days ago, and it shows how she looked at the time she was transferred from the small carrier into the larger cage to give her more space.  In this video, her wounded snout looks very raw and sore.  Since the time of the filming, her nose has started to heal, and Curator Rick reports that a scab is forming over the wound.  He also tells us that she is eating very well and is gaining weight.  In just a week and a half, she has gained about 3 pounds. If you recall, she weighed only 13 pounds when she arrived – a very low weight for a 15-month-old bear!  She is also reported to be very active and feisty.  Rick has to confine her briefly to her “den” area when he puts food in the cage or needs to remove waste.  With her spunky nature, she is sure to recover quickly and be able to move out into the Wild Side, as soon as her snout is completely healed.