On May 16th, 6 of our yearling cubs were released back into their wild habitat.  This photo shows the TWRA officers with a couple of the young bears on a stretcher that the officers used to transport them from the pen area to the workup area.  The building here is the new cub nursery!  It was used for working up the young bears for release.  It will be used to temporarily house extremely young cubs and.or injured cubs when they are admitted to ABR.

You probably will recognize Eleanor by her lighter, cinnamon-colored fur.  Here she is being weighed and checked over before being loaded in a carrier and onto the truck for her trip to her new home in the wild.  Here is another view of the wonderful new Cubby Nursery.  It will be so useful to ABR and to the wildlife officers, as well!  Thank you again, to all who helped us with this project!