This is a recent photo of Tiny, yearling cub #18, who has been at ABR for 11 days now, having arrived on March 12th.

He weighed just 10 pounds which accounts for his name.

Now he has been joined with another 10-pounder, Dell.  We posted about Dell earlier today.  The two boys will soon be enjoying the company of Amethyst and Thunder, both of whom weighed 10 pounds at arrival as well.

This little quartet of very small bears (our cats weigh as much as they do!) will become a “family” until they can be introduced to the Wild Side enclosure.

They have some growing to do, though, as they must be 30+ pounds to move out into the Wild Side.  The cubs are not weighed routinely while at ABR so as to avoid too much handling by humans.  Our curator is good at estimating the weight of 30 pounds in order to permit them access to the large enclosure.

Appalachian Bear Rescue