Check out this video on YouTube that shows two of the larger yearlings out in ABR’s Wild Side enclosure.

They exhibit typical bear behavior: for example, the jaw-popping and blowing sounds, as well as the swatting at each other are classic bear confrontation posturings, seen when bears meet in the wild.

Although these young bears have been housed in close proximity to one another, they still exhibit a bit of wariness. There is a definite hierarchy among wild bears, and size plays a very important role in determining who is “top bear.”

Even though these two are the same age it is obvious that the one on the left is smaller and seems to be intimidated by the other.

Another interesting thing about bear behavior is the way the smaller bear settles itself in the skinny tree.  Bear cubs are often lulled to sleep by swaying trees and, while this one isn’t going to sleep, you can see that it finds a comfortable (for a bear) position in which to relax.