You will love seeing our first 2 yearling cubs of 2012, Friday and Pressley, as they explored the Wild Side  a couple of days ago.  The Wild Side is the large, natural enclosure where the young orphaned bears experience what it will be like when they are released into their wild habitat.  This video shows them trying to climb trees first of all, a very natural activity for young bears.  After a bit of a struggle, due to the metal sleeves around the trees that keep cubs from climbing too high, both Pressley and Friday settle on branches.  They have a bit of interaction and then settle down for a snooze.  If you remember how small they looked when they arrived in early January, you’ll be amazed at how much chubbier they are now!  Lisa does not release the bears into the Wild Side until they weigh at least 30-35 pounds, and these two have attained that weight.  Now they will spend the rest of their rehab time at ABR practicing their wild behaviors to be ready for their final release in the spring.  To see this video, go to our YouTube channel and scroll down.  You may want to check out some of the other videos that have been posted recently, too!