Our newest cub, #23 is getting acquainted with Highway and the other cubs in the “wild side” crib with her.  As these photos show, the cubs in the “wild enclosure” are curious and interested in the new arrival.  You can see how much Huck (on the right) and Sissy (on the left) have grown since their release into the enclosure – they do look much larger than #23, even though they are the same age, since all of them were born in January 2011.  With the extra-good food provided by ABR, with your generous help, little 23 and the other smallest cubs will gain weight and be able to join the “big guys” outside very soon, we hope.  Please remember that you can donate IGA gift cards, used for the purchase of the fruits, veggies, and peanuts that are being gobbled down by all the cubs.  Simply click on the link to get to their website, then scroll down to the section on Appalachian Bear Rescue.  Thank you very much!  We couldn’t do it without your help! 

When can I go outside?


Those are big bears out there!