Here I go…..

On Monday, October 10th, Highway, our injured cub who has been recuperating in a small, quiet pen, was moved into the “wildside crib.”   This is a large pen within the enclosure where 8 of the cubs have been practicing their wild behaviors for a couple of months now.  There are 5 recent arrivals in the “crib” with Highway, and although they are smaller than he is, he is wary of them and spends most of his time up in the tree.  He comes down for a bowl of his favorite treat, yogurt, and then climbs back up to the top of the tree.  In the first picture, you can see one of the bear cubs out in the large enclosure.  As can be imagined, Highway’s arrival has been met with interest and curiosity on the part of the outside cubs.   Highway is almost large enough to be out with them, but Lisa wants to make sure that he is completely recovered from his accident, and has the ability to climb up and down trees with no difficulty.  No doubt he will soon join the rest of the “wildside” bear cubs.