New electric utility vehicle
No more wheelbarrows!

No wonder Lisa, the ABR Curator, is smiling!  For years she has had to move cub food down the hill to the enclosure by the wheelbarrow load, and then move collected scat up the hill the same way.  Backbreaking work, to be sure.  But now, thanks to Black Bear Solar Institute she has this wonderful new, 4WD utility vehicle to make these chores easier.  As you can see, it has dumping capabilities that will help with a multitude of tasks.  Black Bear Solar Institute is a nonprofit that is a big supporter of ABR.  BBSI is developing an electric vehicle fleet along with its other solar energy equipment, and ABR is the beneficiary, as Lisa will be using this and other vehicles belonging to BBSI, to test them out in a real world situation.  With 20 cubs to take care of now, she is understandably happy with this new vehicle!